Push To Talk

PTT (Push-To-Talk) is a free VOIP communications system that allows mobile terminals to be used as a walkie-talkie and instant messaging system.

It is particularly recommended for connecting all of the members of a work team in real time without connection interruptions or latency.

PTT simultaneously and persistently connects an unlimited number of people and improves the communication flow within work teams.

PTT is not limited in range and can be used to instantaneously connect people located at great distances from each other. The only requirement is prior 3G or 4G activation of data network access.

It's the ideal solution for all operations requiring faultless synchronisation between team members. The application improves work team effectiveness and safety and minimises the risk of errors.

PTT avoids the communications difficulties encountered when teams work in environments which are not conducive to verbal communication. It reduces latency to zero, eliminating the lag which occurs when establishing a telephone communication.

PTT is installed and activated on all FACOM Mobile telephones.