Lone Worker Monitoring

LWM is an Android mobile application for professionals.

It was developed specifically to increase the safety of isolated workers by automatically carrying out a diagnostics of situations in which worker safety is potentially at risk.

LWM detects abnormal situations (falls, loss of verticality, immobility) then automatically alerts a list of contacts via a pre-recorded SMS and initiates voice calls.

The purpose of the lone worker monitoring system is to confirm potential workplace accidents in record time and significantly accelerate the arrival of help when an accident has occurred.

It is particularly useful for workers in environments in which the risk of falling, suffocating, being crushed or losing consciousness is high. LWM considerably reduces the risk of emergency services arriving on the accident scene too late.

Alert triggering

  • The telephone senses a shock and no further motion
    (suspected fall with loss of consciousness)
  • The telephone senses a suspicious body angle
    (suspected loss of balance)
  • The telephone senses an extended period of motionlessness
    (suspected loss of consciousness)

Alerting methods

In the event of a suspected accident, the application:

  • Triggers an audible and visual alarm
  • Sends SMS to a pre-established list of contacts
  • Triggers a series of voice calls to a list of contacts until one picks up. It then switches to speaker mode to ensure that the call can take place hands-free. LWM is installed on all Android FACOM Mobiles.