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Service Premium

The premium warranty is an option which provides continuity of mobile service. It is additional to the standard manufacturer warranty.

Problems can occur unexpectedly and staying connected to customers, teams and partners is a requirement for professionals. The Premium warranty ensures the continuity of your mobile service in the event of equipment or software failure.

A simple call to our customer service department will initiate an express loan in under 48 hours without any need to send in the faulty telephone or have it inspected.

How does it work?

At the time you purchase your FACOM® mobile from our official store (available soon):

Select the "12-month Premium" option when you order your FACOM® mobile from our official store. The Premium warranty will automatically cover your FACOM® mobile for the 12 months following the billing date.

At the time of purchase of your FACOM mobile During the 24 months following your purchase of a FACOM mobile:

If you purchased a FACOM® mobile telephone from our official store or via our network of resellers in the last 24 months, register your mobile telephone by creating your customer area here and order your 12-month Premium warranty directly from your member area.


  F100 F200 F400 F1000 / F1500
FRANCE 2,90 € (*) 4,90 € (*) 7,90 € (*) 9,90 € (*)
EUROPE 4,90 € (*) 7,90 € (*) 9,90 € (*) 14,90 € (*)
WORLD 9,90 € (*) 12,90 € (*) 14,90 € (*) 19,90 € (*)

(*) Monthly rate paid in one payment for a 12-month period starting on the Premium warranty sign-up date.